Who are you today?

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  • What is the difference between my offline and online identity?
  • Is it legal to create a fake account on social media?
  • Do I have something to hide, even though I’m not doing anything illegal?




Who are you today?

It is in our nature to constantly ask ourselves 'Who am I?'. We present ourselves with friends, colleagues, family, to get feedback on this presented version of ourselves. With this feedback we create our new self, our new identity and say to the world 'This is who I am' and get feedback again. We go through this loop continuously *.
Depending on the feedback we got, we present ourselfves differently to different people in different environments. You are probably a different person with your mother in law then with your own mother. You might be know for your enthousiasm with your friends but for your professionalism at work.

If we only had one presentation of ourselves, one identity, we wouldn't be able to maintain all these different people and different environments as we did before.  Imagine how boring our lives would be. This is what would happen if we give away all of our personal data.

Did you know that....:

  • highly educated people are more likely to be the victim of identity fraud and hacking than people with a lower education (source CBS 2015)
  • there is software available to find online copies of passports. (video brandpunt 2015)

What to do:

  1. Keep your online identities seperated to stay in control of your own identity (video)
  2. Be smart when you make a copy of your ID (read more: veiliginternetten.nl)
  3. Be creative with your passwords (check the strength of your password)

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