Is there in hacker in jou?

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  • Do we trust companies too much?
  • What are the European developments on the protection of our privacy?
  • What are the characteristics of a cybercriminal?
  • How can we protect ourselves better?




Is there a hacker in jou?

Isn't it tempting to cheat in a game? With no bad intentions, just to see if you can out-smart the system? It's like you secretely discovered a way to skip the line.

That's the feeling of a being a hacker. Of course, the true motivation for hacking is not the same for everyone. You have the criminal hackers (black hats), the ethical hackers (white hats) and the hackers who don't have criminal intentions but whose findings are used by others for illegal purposes (grey hats).

This last category is a tricky one. Does looking at pictures of celebrities that are illegally taken from their phones, make you sort of a grey hacker? Allthough you don't have criminal intentions, you do support an illegal market, just by watching, after all. Stepping into this grey area is so easy, imagine how alluring it is for someone with less ethical instincts.

Did you know that....:

  • a Dutch student form Spijkenisse, aged 22, one of the most wanted creditcardhackers by the United States (Vrij Nederland)
  • you can install software that shows you if people are tracking you on websites, and enables you to block them. (Disconnect me )

What to do:

  1. Update your software in order to have the latest security measurements installed (
  2. Use your phone as a hotspot instead of a public wifi (

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