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Are you interested in our broadcast on 'Change' or our free broadcast on 'Cyber crime'? On this page we explain to you in short what the broadcasts are about. We would love to come and explain our product in person.
(Our broadcast about Change is in Dutch and our free Cybercrime broadcast is in English.) 


Mind the people broadcasts content on Social platforms. We cover topics that stimulate the awareness of employees. These are topics that are difficult to grasp but important to be aware of. 
We use art to stimulate curiosity, science to feed that curiosity, gaming to engage a community, and the social platform to conduct discussion.
We use text, animation and video to get the message across.


Social Platform

There are two ways to get access to the content of Mind the People:

1. We broadcast on the social intranet of your organization.

2. We give your employees access to the App. Every day they will get an email with the content of that day.

...and ofcourse you can also choose both.


In collaboration with different large organizations we've created the first broadcast about 'Change'. We broadcast on this topic for the duration of five weeks with a daily video broadcast that takes no longer than three minutes. 

Every week we ask a different question which is answered by scientists. For the broadcast 'Change', we address the following questions:

  1. Why is it so difficult to change my behavior?
  2. How flexible can I be?
  3. What can I be responsible for?
  4. How do I become my best self?
  5. How can I learn continuously? 

Everyday has a different goal: monday our artists make sure you are triggered on the subject; Tuesday the employee can do a self test (Do I do that?); Wednesday our scientists answer the question (Why do I do that?); Thursday we explain how to implement what you've just learned (How do I do that?); on Friday we answer questions from the community and we present all the gathered information by our researchers. 


Just to give you an idea of our style, watch our first video. This video will be broadcasted on Monday in the week: "Why is it so difficult to change my behavior?"

*This broadcast is in Dutch

Try our broadcast on Cyber crime for free

Mind the People is partner of the national Cyber Crime awareness program Alert Online. Together we've created a week broadcast about Cyber crime. During the national campaign from 26th of October till the 5th of November, Mind the People broadcasts a small mini-series with topics like privacy, online identity, online vulnerability and many more. 

Join our broadcast for free! You only have to sign up!

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