A cross-media campaign to make employees aware of their behavior


This is the first video of a campaign on behavioral change. For the past time, many changes have been made within organizations, processes are changed, new systems have been adapted and people were relocated. Only the behavior of employees often stayed the same. Not because they don't want to change but because most of the time they don't know how.

Fueled by scientific information, humor and self-mockery, we make the employee aware of his behavior and give him the tools he needs to work on his own behavior


In collaboration with a number of organizations we have collected the dilemmas the employees have to deal with while working in a changing environment. During a five-week period we deal with a dilemma every week. 

  1. Why is it so difficult to change my behavior?
  2. How flexible can I be?
  3. What can I be responsible for?
  4. How do I become my best self?
  5. How do I keep on learning?

We use the (social) intranet to broadcast the video's, animations and self-tests. Employees can respond and add their own content.

For each subject, different scientists share their knowledge. In a short and powerful way they make difficult subjects easy to understand.

We provide triggers in the physical space. That way we entice employees to move to the online environment. We do this for example by using sound posters that respond to motion, printed cups around the coffee machine, or by making use of the digital displays in the office buildings..

To attract the attention of the employees and maintaining it, it is important that we create content that they would look at in their private lives as well (on TV, in magazines, on the internet.)

Who are we?

We - Mind the People- create online awareness campaigns for organizations who want to help their employees by raising awareness on issues that are difficult to grasp such as cybercrime, behavioral change and human error. For this campaign we will work with the following people:

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Volgens criminoloog Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg zijn online criminelen veel intelligenter dan traditionele. Het is niet meer voldoende om onszelf te beschermen met firewalls en antivirussoftware. Het is belangrijk dat we meer bewust zijn van ons online gedrag. Daarom creëerden we deze online mini-serie. 

Deze miniserie werd uitgezonden tijdens de Alert Online Cybercrime Awareness campagne 2015, van maandag 26 oktober t/m 30 oktober. De miniserie was te zien op (social) intranets van organisaties, via linkedin, twitter en via onze email dienst. 

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