Dear Irene, 

Last monday (15/2/16) we spoke about the Cybcercrime Awareness campaign developed by Mind the People.

As discussed I send you the brief information about the program that we developed in collaboration with the Cybercrime team of a large international bank and IJsfontein. I also send you the information of the Cybcercrime Awareness campaign which we developed with Alert Online (yearly national awareness campaign from the Dutch government). 

During these two campaigns our research team gained a lot of knowledge on the subject. Besides our desk research we also interviewed several security specialists, Risk managers, detectives, information specialists and several professors (philosophy, internet law, crimonology).

We would love to collaborate on a project with Atos consulting and share our knowledge. In the program overview we have placed the Atos logo at certain subjects to give you an impression on how we could collaborate together. However, we are curious and open to hear how Atos sees its role.

Let me know if you have any questions. We will be more then happy to answer them.

Kind Regards,
Charlotte van der Laag,
Ilja van den Berg

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Ilja: T: +31 6 41235290; E:; L: linkedin


We create Awareness Campaigns for the curious and connected employee
who has a willingness to change in stead of being changed.

We use art to stimulate curiosity,
science to feed that curiosity,
gaming to engage a community,
and the social platform to conduct discussion.

We use text, animation and video to get the message across.


Organization: International Bank
employees: 52.000 worldwide


Becoming aware of the necessity of security and ones role, and knowing how to detect, respond and resolve a risk.


  • If it effects the primary proces of the employee they are more likely to participate
  • Security is perceived as the responsibility of the employer
  • Security is often felt to obstruct an effective and efficient way of working.


The team has two months to detect, respond and resolve their current vulnerabilities. During this time they get support from riskmanagement. The team goal is to secure their environment so the hackers won't be able obtain the secure information. 

The more skilled security specialists can also play the game 'Hack the Hacker': try to out beat the hacker!


We focus on three results: creating awareness, sharing knowledge and creating new skills. To do this we offer a program of eight weeks containing four streams: Online, Art, Challenge and the Game. 

Online: on the social intranet information can be found about the program. With interesting short video's we explain difficult subjects on cybercrime in a fun and creative way. Employees can respond, contribute and ask questions.

Art: In the physical space we will have art that stimulate the employee to think about his own security.

Challenge: With the challenge we engage the whole organization. Because of the envolvement of every department, from top to bottum the employees feel the urgency for the program.

Game: With the game we challenge the employees with more security skills. The security specialists from different departments and different countries get to know each other and are more connected this way, which supports a faster and more efficient security control. 

program Organization

To execute a large program like this we suggest the following program organization:


Mind the People created an online Cybcercrime Awareness mini-series which we broadcasted for free on social intranets of organizations and publicly on social media during the  Alert Online Cybercrime Awareness campaign 2015.  

Why watch

Nowadays we spend almost as much time online as we do offline. Just as we lock our bikes, cars and homes in the offline world, we need to have the same awareness in the online world. In this mini-series we aim to inspire people to ask themselves questions about their online behavior: How careless am I? What do I post? Do I take the right actions to secure my personal information? Does everybody have something to hide?

It’s our firm believe that awareness and knowledge will grow and stick better if it directly affects our personal lives. That’s why we always choose to compose our broadcasts from a personal perspective. And hey, it should also be a little fun to learn, right?

Watch our five episodes below or view the complete campaign here >>


Mind the People creates Awareness Campaigns for the curious and connected employee.  We have a very creative group of people with various backgrounds. We combine change management, social business knowledge, anthropology with art, video production, designers, creative thinkers and marketing communication.

We love to collaborate with different organizations and create something beautiful in an organic but still responsible and reliable manor. 

We are looking forward to collaborate with you too!