We, human beings have design flaws. Our eyes play tricks on us, our stories change in the retelling, and most of us are fairly sure we’re way above average. By understanding how humans are programmed we can anticipate on possible future errors. 

Learning by gaming

Mind the People wants to create games in which the science of how humans are programmed is incorporated. While playing the games employees explore the captivating science of human error—how we think, see, remember, and forget, and how this sets us up for wholly irresistible mistakes. With this knowledge we create the awareness that we all make mistakes, from production worker to financial specialist, and that by understanding this we can work together on preventing human error. 

We create game screens on which the employees can interact with the game. The game screens can be placed in canteens to make it more inviting to employees to play the games.


The games and the game screens is a production in collaboration with IJsfontein and United Academics. The gameplay is created by IJsfontein, a serious gaming company that creates educational games. United Academics, a scientific research organization, provides the science behind the games. Mind the People is the projectmanager and will create the bridge between business needs, scientific knowledge and game creation. 


Human Error is a relevant topic for many organizations. Therefore we would like to organize crowdfunding for the production of these game screens, thus many organizations can benefit from these games. Organizations that contribute will receive the game screens in their company for a limited period of time. Crowdfunding contributions start from €5000,- up to €15.000,-. 

Collaboration with amgen

The idea to create these game screens arose during our interesting conversations with Peter Calkhoven of Amgen. For this reason Amgen is the first organization we ask for support. With the backing of Amgen we will start our crowdfunding campaign. Amgen can be involved in the campaign for self promotion or during the development so the games have the relevance that Amgen would like. 

We are asking for a minimum of €5000,- which will only be invoiced when the total amount is collected. 

We are looking forward to collaborate with Amgen and create some amazing and remarkable games that improve our way of working!

Benjamin Tyink en Ilja van den Berg