Cybercrime Awareness

Mind the People created an online Cybcercrime Awareness mini-series which we broadcasted for free on social intranets of organizations and publicly on social media during the  Alert Online Cybercrime Awareness campaign 2015.  

Why watch

Nowadays we spend almost as much time online as we do offline. Just as we lock our bikes, cars and homes in the offline world, we need to have the same awareness in the online world. In this mini-series we aim to inspire people to ask themselves questions about their online behavior: How careless am I? What do I post? Do I take the right actions to secure my personal information? Does everybody have something to hide?

It’s our firm believe that awareness and knowledge will grow and stick better if it directly affects our personal lives. That’s why we always choose to compose our broadcasts from a personal perspective. And hey, it should also be a little fun to learn, right?