Mind the People

gives you the tools to open up and get inspired to improve


We create Awareness campaigns,
concerning  complex issues within organizations,
for the curious and connected employee.

We use art to stimulate curiosity,
science to feed that curiosity,
gaming to engage a community,
and the social platform to conduct discussion.

We use text, animation and video
to get the message across.


Behavioral change: how frank are you?

This is the first video of a campaign on behavioral change. For the past time, many changes have been made within organizations, processes are changed, new systems have been adapted and people were relocated. Only the behavior of employees often stayed the same. Not because they don't want to change but because most of the time they don't know how.

Fueled by scientific information, humor and self-mockery, we make the employee aware of his behavior and give him the tools he needs to work on his own behavior.


Cybersecurity Awareness: The things we do for love

Mind the People created an online Cybcercrime Awareness mini-series which we will broadcast for free during the  Alert Online Cybercrime Awareness campaign 2015.

Nowadays we spend almost as much time online as we do offline. Just as we lock our bikes, cars and homes in the offline world, we need to have the same awareness in the online world. In this mini-series we aim to inspire people to ask themselves questions about their online behavior: How careless am I? What do I post? Do I take the right actions to secure my personal information? Do I have something to hide?



Our mobile platform called Yukuul, is a collection of gathered content and our own created content. Our editorial delves the Internet for interesting topics. Our own created content is developed in cooperation with our clients. Both gathered and created content, contain scientific knowledge and are presented in a creative and 'arty' way. We mainly focus on visual content which is enriched with text. 

Our clients offer a Yukuul membership to their employees. The employees can watch the content on the Social Intranet within their organization or they can login on our mobile platform with their email account to watch the daily broadcasts. They can add messages, respond, like and sharing.


Our vision

"Our world is a world that has the need for open and honest information.

We facilitate the individual's need for quality information which he determines, assesses, contributes and shares.

 Our flexible organization structure enables us to continuously change with our environment in an organic way.

We maintain an open policy and open administration."

Our team


Jozef Israƫlskade 42A, 1072 RX, Amsterdam


+31 6 41235290